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SBC is listed on the Eswatini Stock Exchange (“SSX”) and is an investment holding and financial services business. Contact Us

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SBC’s direct operations include:

Select Limited (“Select”) is a financial solutions organization with an operational focus in providing unsecured credit, primarily to government employees who are generally unable to access financial solutions through traditional banking channels. This is achieved through SBC’s subsidiaries, Lesana Limited (Lesotho) and Select Management Services Limited (Kenya). Pine Acres Limited (“Pine Acres”), a property development company, owns a 42 hectare tract of land in Malkerns (Eswatini). Pine Acres is developing this land into Malkerns Square, an iconic, resource efficient lifestyle estate, with affordable housing units and a retail shopping centre. This development will offer SBC the opportunity to diversify and expand its product offering into housing/mortgage finance.
SBC is majority owned by Select Africa Finance Limited, incorporated in Mauritius, which is ultimately owned by African Alliance, a privately held investment banking group operating across the African continent. Select’s operations have been in existence for over 18 years under the Select Management Services (“SMS”) brand, with its mainly civil servant client base an attractive market, as it is the largest employee base in Eswatini and is resilient to economic cycles. Select’s payroll-based business model ensures a high level of collection success, with a 12 month average “first–strike” collection rate in excess of 95%.
  • 1999

    August 1999 Operations commence in Mbabane Eswatini.

  • 2007

    January 2007 Inaugural listing of Select Limited MTN on the SSX. Operations commence in Lesotho. Implementation of loan management system, Xpertek.

  • 2008

    3rd party loan administration & finance reporting outsourced to Pivot, based in Mauritius.

  • 2010

    Following a Lesotho Court of Appeal ruling on maximum interest rates that could be charged, the entire microfinance industry shut down in Lesotho.

  • 2013

    Select re-entered the Lesotho market under a new brand, Lesana.

  • 2014

    February 2014 Listing of SBC Limited on SSX Eswatini.

  • 2015

    April 2015 Acquisition of land in Eswatini to develop into a mixed use lifestyle development, Malkerns Square. Commence testing of alternative collection method in Eswatini. Acquires minority shareholding in Select Management Services Kenya

  • 2016

    September 2016 Implementation of new paperless electronic management system, 165 in Eswatini in May 2017 and is anticipated to be implemented in Lesotho in H1 2017. October 2016 Record highs on loan disbursements.

  • 2017

    Expansion in Eswatini with the construction of Malkerns lifestyle development.


In 2015 SBC Limited (“SBC”) acquired Pine Acres (Pty) Limited (“Pine Acres”), a property development company with a 42 hectare piece of land in Malkerns, Eswatini. Pine Acres will develop this land into Malkerns Square, an iconic, environmentally responsible, and resource-efficient lifestyle property development, with c. 1,300 residential housing units, and a retail shopping centre of 6,000 to 8,000 sq.